About us

About us


We are specialized in radio communication and hardware security:

  • Embedded devices' security: security mechanisms and hardware attacks, firmware analysis, etc.
  • Physical access: RFID/NFC, alarms, intercoms, etc.
  • Mobile security: 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and core networks
  • Cars: CAN bus, In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI), V2G, Wi-Fi, GPS, V2X, etc.
  • Internet of Things in general

The results of our work and publications are provided in resources and tools sections.

To help its customers as well as possible, PentHertz offers different services detailed below.

Our services

The group offers practical training courses, based on their experience and feedback when working with real-world targets.

PentHertz offers many training courses in his fields of expertise:

  • Wi-Fi Hacking: basics and red team approaches
  • Radio Hacking: Initiation with Software-Defined Radio and devices hacking
  • Mobile Security: 2G/3G/4G, interceptions techniques and attacks on devices
  • Hardware reversing: design reversing, interfacing with chips and dumping firmware, possible attacks on protection mechanisms
  • Physical Intrusion: RFID, sub-GHz remote controls, and BLE devices security
  • Power-Line Communication Hacking: identify and intrude networks

Depending on your needs, tailor-made training courses are also provided by PentHertz. Training courses detailed here.

Contact us at contact@penthertz.com to request information and quotation.

To secure your product and your information systems, we can identify the weak points, and exploit found vulnerability during pentests to evaluate real risks depending on your context:

  • Interception and mobile communication attacks
  • Clients and services attacks used by the targeted equipment
  • Memory protection identification, attacks, bypass, glitching attacks, etc.
  • Firmware extraction via programming interface(s), or chip-off
  • Firmware analysis, libraries, secrets extraction, and associated vulnerabilities
  • Updates analysis
  • End-points attacks, clouds, API, etc.

We also help you to make the right choices for your projects in terms of security.

Contact us at contact@penthertz.com to request information and quotation.

We help you make the right choices for your product and your information systems:

  • Analyze the design
  • Clear or restreint the number of attack vectors to the minimum
  • Analyze configurations and assist you during decisions
  • Help you design the testbeds to automatize functional and security tests of your product

PentHertz is also a service for pentest and Red Team companies who need real tools, and not gadgets, to realize their missions:

  • Selling devices with automated tests and gain a lot of time during your intrusion tests
  • Designing custom devices required by your company to conduct your tests serenely
  • And so on.

Contact us at contact@penthertz.com to request information and quotation.